Are you searching for a safe place to store your household and commercial items? We’re close to downtown Concord and Hwy 601, 49, 29 and I-85 in Concord, NC. Let us show you why you should consider renting one of our climate controlled storage units.

"Never had any issues at all and was really pleased overall with my two year experience here. The lady in the office is very kind and prompt with any issues that may arise. Definitely recommend using them!"

We love how specific this review from one of our customers is. It just goes to show how our climate controlled storage units can accommodate nearly any need – from a business that needs a facility to store inventory to a family moving from out of state and looking for a place to store belongings while they get settled.

Our storage facility provides our customers with everything they need in terms of security. For example, the property is fenced and gated, and video surveillance. The climate controlled units allow you to avoid any possible damage that can be caused by unstable temperatures and extreme weather conditions.

As always, what you plan on storing will dictate what type of unit is best suited to meet your needs. Some want to store fragile things like antique furniture, and some just prefer the security of having their unit indoors. No matter your needs, though, some items can be damaged if they are not kept in the right conditions.

Reserve a climate controlled storage unit on our website if you want to protect your belongings against humidity, find a suitable environment for collectibles, keep your furniture in good condition for longer, or simply provide an extra layer of security for your stuff.

You can find our climate controlled storage spaces at 345 Wilshire Ave SW Ste B Concord, NC 28025. Our professional team will take care of everything for you so that you can focus on your move.