How to Make Climate-Controlled Storage Work For You

Published on 8/25/2022

Climate-Controlled Storage

One of the best things that people invest in when it comes to storage is climate-controlled units. Unlike basic storage units that fluctuate in temperature and humidity based on what’s going on outside, climate-controlled storage always maintains a steady temperature between 55-85 degrees. Some storage units take this a step further and even provide people with the ability to control the humidity within the unit itself.

Regardless of what you decide to invest in, having control over your storage unit's temperature and humidity is an incredibly great feature to have that not only saves you space but also helps preserve the life of whatever you decide to store inside it.

Now for a lot of people, this is where it stops, and many of them immediately think that they can put whatever they want inside these units and “call it a day.” Although you can technically do that, we at Affordable Storage want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

How can you do that?

Instead of storing anything and everything within a climate-controlled unit, take some time to assess what items you have available. What items realistically need to be kept at a consistent temperature to maintain their condition? What items can be simply stored away in your garage, shed, or a basic storage unit?

Of course, if most of your items need climate control, don’t give it a second thought and start packing them away! But if you notice that only half of your belongings really need to utilize a temperature-regulated unit, it might be best to approach things differently.

Maybe instead of investing in a full-sized climate-regulated unit, you go for something smaller and find a separate unit for your other items. Or maybe you find a smaller-sized climate-regulated unit and keep the other items at home, whether it be your garage or attic!

How you decide to do it is all up to you, but it’s important that you make your specialized unit worth every penny!

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